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On the environmental level, KAPACHIM wishes to be a part of a contract in an arguable term, or the economic growth combined with a safe management so as to answer to the needs and ambitions of the people in the whole world.

Whereas, we can realize much more projects in our own business, we believe that the arguable development is better pursued through partnership. Thus, we work for the purpose of increasing knowledge, diffusing the best practice and if necessary the common programs of action. We are a signatory with charter ICC for the arguable development.

KAPACHIM is committed to satisfy the requirements of both customers and consumers in a safe and arguable way, by continuous improvement of environmental performance in all our activities.

Consequently, the objectives of KAPACHIM are :

  • To ensure the safety of its products and its operation in the environment.
  • To exert the same concern of the environment everywhere we operate.
  • To develop innovating products and processes which reduce the incidences on the environment and to develop very powerful methods of recycling the waste, which combine the effective protection and the preservation of the raw materials and their appropriate evacuations.
  • To reduce the dumping, to preserve energy and to explore the occasions for the re-use and the recycling in other well which can be consumed again.
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